Add the New Zealand exchange rate / currency calculator to your site


The Currency Calculator is a very handy currency conversion tool that enables visitors to your web site to convert any amount between two currencies.

The calculator is pre-configured to use a base (default) currency of $NZ (New Zealand dollars) which the user can change to another currency if desired.

Since one currency usually remains constant during a conversion (e.g. the currency used on your web site or the user's own currency) this can save visitors to your site time and effort.

Best of all, the currency calculator displays in a small window in front of your existing page, so you don't need to direct visitors away from your web site. Since your page can be seen at all times, users can easily enter amounts shown on your site.

Exchange rates are updated every fifteen minutes to ensure your visitors always have the most up-to-date information.

There are two ways to add the Currency Calculator to your site:-

  1. Add a link to:


  2. Copy the code below and paste onto any page on which you would like the Currency Calculator to appear:

If you have any problems using the Currency Calculator or, would just like to let us know where you are using it, please feel free to use the

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